PROLIFIC burglars who forced their way into multiple homes have been handed lengthy sentences at Reading crown court. 

In March 2014, Frenny Green and Shaun Thompson embarked on a burgling spree across Twyford.

The pair used a tool known as a z-bar, fashioned in the style of a letter z, to break into homes, stealing objects such as mobile phones, handbags and cash. 

Thompson and Green stripped the handbags of cash and cards, dumping them to be found later by dog walkers. 

On one occasion, a family didn't realise their home had been burgled until they woke up in the morning to find police questioning their open door. 

One victim's card was used during a shopping spree at Morrisons in Woosehill, resulting in a loss of £200.

Judge Peter Clarke QC said: "You both made your choice to act as very professional burglars.

"The fact that you repeatedly come before this court is not our fault.

At Reading Crown Court on Friday August 11, Thompson, 29, who had already pleaded guilty to the charge of conspiracy to burgle with intent to steal, was sentenced to a total of 20 months.

Green, 29, previously of Anson Walk in Shinfield, previously pleaded not guilty.

He sat in the dock with his hands clasped before his face as if in prayer before Judge Clarke handed down the sentence of 30 months.

Thompson, previously of Yeosfield, Riseley, and Green had already served prison sentences for a string of burglaries in 2014.