The one-day SplashFest, held at the John Nike Leisure Centre on Saturday saw 25 competitors take on several events during the day.

Skiers and snowboarders, including young children, showed off their best tricks and flips at the inaugural event, wowing spectators and families.

The skiers and snowboarders were divided up into males and females, forming four freestyle events, before using ramps and pipes on the main slope to impress the three judges.

As well as the freestyle event, a pond-skimming contest was also introduced, where the contestants slid down the slope before attempting to keep their balance and perform tricks on a pool of water.

In the evening, several musicians took to the stage to round off the festival, while visitors could tuck into an on-site barbecue.

Nathan Onions, from Priestwood, was one of the judges on the day. He said: “We have had a nice turnout for what is the first edition of the festival.

“It gives youngsters and up-and-coming skiers and snowboarders a platform to show off their talents and everything they have to offer. The pond-skimming contest was brilliant – really different and something I have never seen before.” Newbury skier Kyle Wood, 15, joined others from as far as Kent, Essex and Norfolk in the competition.

He said: “I have been coming to Bracknell to ski for eight years. I think this is a great event as it means we can showcase our skills in a really fun way. People have come from miles around, too, which is good.”