James Noble, 20, from Hanworth, and James Parker, 22, from Binfield, both golf caddies at Wentworth Golf Club, decided to set up the company My First UK after having problems finding car insurance when they were 17.

Mr Noble said: “Through our own experiences we wanted to create a platform that young people could go to for everything they do for the first time, whether it’s getting their first credit card, booking their first holiday, or buying their first house or car.

“We thought it would be a great idea having it all in one place.” After speaking to friends and carrying out surveys, Mr Noble and Mr Parker decided to make their idea a reality.

“We started speaking to members at the golf club and they were very keen to help us. Two guys started helping us out and we started working with them to build the idea,” said Mr Noble.

“We’ve had some great people help us, including Sandro Forte and various other celebrities and footballers.” The pair’s next stop will be an investment pitch evening on September 11 in London.

Mr Noble said: “Everything’s in place now.

“We’re going to London to meet with some very important people and there will also be other teams of entrepreneurs there pitching for investments.

“It will be a great opportunity and we are very excited.”