In the fourth week of the competition, focus turned to desserts - puddings and a Tiramasu cake were the order of the day.

Martha, from Ascot, impressed in the tricky technical challenge, but was beaten to Star Baker by Richard Burr, who was given the honour for the second time.

The 17-year-old Charters pupil has continued to impress the judges with her ambitious bakes and has proved more than a match for the older bakers.

Tensions ran high in this week's episode, with the bakers asked to present their best 'Retro Baked Alaska' in the showstopper challenge.

In the episode, filmed on the hottest day of the year, Belfast boy Iain Watters melted under the pressure.

His dessert was mistakenly taken out of the freezer by fellow baker, Anne, and soon ruined in the afternoon heat.

In what has been dubbed 'alaska-gate', Iain threw his afternoon's work in the bin and was promptly kicked out of the competition by the impressed judges.

Looking back on his 'bin-cident', Iain Watters admitted he didn't deal with the frustration well.

The News will be tracking Martha's progress throughout the competition.

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