ABANDONED kittens and their mother were found dumped outside a Binfield vet surgery.

The six animals were left overnight on the doorstep of Moor Cottage Veterinary Hospital in a cat carrier and discovered at 7.30am last Wednesday.

The kittens are only about four weeks old and were “wet and a bit shocked” but otherwise in good condition when they were found by senior clinc nurse Helen McCabe.

Nurses at the hospital have been caring for the felines as they wait to be rehomed, Practice manager Sharon Tongue said: “We’ve kept the babies fed and warm but they’re still a bit too little to be taken away from mum just yet.” Sadly this is not the first time the London Road surgery has cared for abandoned pets.

Ms Tongue said: “It does happen occasionally, though it hasn’t happened for a while; at least this time whoever left them put some thought into it.

“It’s better they’ve left them with us; usually they just get left in a box by bins.” Now the cats are safe, the surgery plans to transfer them to Thames Valley Animal Welfare, a small Henley-based charity, early next week. The charity specialises in rehoming unwanted and stray cats and kittens, and look to rehome within a 20-mile radius of Henley.

Surgery nurse Ellie Pearce, who has been looking after the kittens, said: “The kittens are very bright, they were very hungry when we found them but had been well looked after.

“It’s a bit strange knowing they were abandoned, they are in good condition and weren’t scraggly like stray cats usually are.” Once it is decided the cats are ready, Thames Valley Animal Welfare will begin to search for their new home.

For information, contact the charity on 01189 722082.