However there are concerns from residents’ groups that the council has not considered the impact such a large population increase will have on traffic congestion and existing facilities.

Binfield parish councillor Nigel Rennie said: “The main concern is with the lack of facilities for the number of houses they are putting up.

“Other than jumping in the car the people that are going to live there will have little access to shops or a post office.

“The council has a habit of not providing the facilities people will need.” The plans propose building 380 new homes on the Amen Corner North, along with a new one-form primary school for 210 pupils, including a football pitch and school playing fields. Willson Developments has submitted the application.

The Amen Corner South scheme comprises plans for 550 homes, with the Nike Group of companies the applicant.

Although residents have concerns about the Amen Corner schemes, the strength of protest against them – according to Mr Rennie – has been at a ‘fairly low level’ compared to that against the plan to bulldoze Blue Mountain golf course. In this case, 400 homes, along with primary, secondary and special schools would be built there.

Mr Rennie explained the Amen Corner sites were farther outside Binfield village but added: “Once the traffic congestion starts to increase on London Road then I think they’ll start to protest.” Amen Corner North and Amen Corner South and the Blue Mountain proposal are among sites earmarked by Bracknell Forest Council for housing development within its Site Allocations Local Plan (SALP), which sets out where 11,139 new houses are set to be built by 2026.

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