South Hill Park held its annual Affinity Festival on Saturday, with acts performing both at the terrace bar and in the Wilde Theatre.

From mid-afternoon to late into the night, bands ranging from electronic dance to acoustic folk entertained more than 500 people.

Among the most popular acts were acoustic folk band Hoopy Frood and Bracknell rock band Rage DC, who friends Monique Rerren, from Crowthorne, and Jan Hinchliffe, from Great Hollands, had come to see.

Ms Rerren said: “We are supporting our local bands as we feel we should. We just enjoyed ourselves out in the sun and listening to the music.” Excited to be part of the day were music duo Georgia Bantleman, from Binfield, and Sam Jackson, from Wildridings.

Known as Matin and Vesper, they performed to a packed crowd at the terrace bar to mark their first outing at the festival.

Sam said: “It was our first time at the festival and we have been really excited to be a part of it.

“We’re used to playing at South Hill Park and this is great. We love playing locally.” Birch Hill resident Kim Blackman went along to soak up the atmosphere with friends Richard Dobson, Judy Wilkinson and Sandi Bailey.

Ms Blackman said: “We love coming here and having a good time. It’s always a popular event with residents.”