THE Royal Ascot Tennis Club opened its courts to members of the public as it held a play-for-free tennis day.

Residents were invited to use its facilities and tutoring for nothing, in a bid to encourage people to sign up on Sunday, July 13. Club chairman Barry Utting said: “It went well. As always, we were very fortunate with the weather; the sun always shines on Ascot Tennis Club!” The club holds a couple of open days a year, when anyone interested can try out the club’s facilities. A number of new members joined after Sunday’s open day.

Mr Utting, who has been a member of the club since 1990 and chairman since 2009, said: “We usually hold one in April or May, and then again after Wimbledon when everyone’s rabid about tennis.

“About 10 people ended up joining us.” Anyone interested in joining can visit or email Mr Utting on