The mural – on the Allsmoor pedestrian underpass between Forest Park and Harmans Water – had deteriorated over the past 12 years with water seepage from the railway track above making it look tarnished and run down.

However, the Harmans Water & The Parks, Martin’s Heron & The Warren Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG), in partnership with Bracknell Forest Graffiti Working Group, gained grant funding and have restored the mural for the benefit of the community.

Councillors Shelagh Pile, Chris Turrell and Trevor Kensall used funding available from Bracknell Forest Council’s members’ initiative fund to contribute to the project.

Graffiti working group chairman Nigel Dumbrell said: “Having worked hard on graffiti removal in the local area, we felt it would be a marvellous initiative if we tried to get the Allsmoor underpass brightened up to reflect the local environment.

“We provided a ‘brief’ to the South Hill Park Youth Arts Group – 11/19 group, who produced an informative, educational and exciting mural design.

“To this end, we are all exceptionally pleased with the outcome.

“The final design was by Logan Russell, from Ascot, and he and his fellow art students undertook the work voluntarily over a period of weekends.” The design is unique and incorporates insects, wild animals and even a Martin’s Heron on the ceiling. The paint was provided from Bracknell Forest Council’s paint recycling scheme – Green Machine in Longshott Lane.

Mr Dumbrell added he had received a number of very positive responses about the work.

He said: “This programme highlights what can positively be achieved when partnerships work together – young volunteers, local community and the local council.

“Maybe there are other locations throughout the borough where local residents would like to undertake a similar programme?”