The prizes are given to students because of their outstanding effort and passion for their course, and as well as high achieving candidates, the awards also celebrate those who have overcome adversity to excel in their particular course area.

This year saw the introduction of awards for the college’s adult professional students, alongside those for their full-time students.

The college’s sports hall was transformed into a glamorous award venue and the ceremony was hosted by Bonita Norris, a mountaineer and TV presenter, from Wokingham, who now lives in Bracknell.

Principal Campbell Christie said: “The Achiever Awards are testament to all we stand for at Bracknell and Wokingham College.

“Our mission is for all our students to achieve their full potential – they come from our community and they leave here with important employability skills, ready to play their part in the world.

“We build futures here as our staff inspire their students, and their passion for life and learning shines through.” The 45 lucky award winners and their families and friends were joined by guests from local businesses and the local councils.

All were given the red carpet treatment as they arrived and were photographed by the college’s 'paparazzi’ – photography students – and were then shown to their tables for drinks and delicious canapés created by the hospitality students.

The guests were also treated to a performance by performing arts students.

Emma Fisher spoke of her pride at receiving the award for business and said: “Winning the Achiever Award was an honour.

“After working so hard for a year, when I got the invitation for this, I felt as though that hard work had been recognised; so all the effort and hours that I put in really has been worth it.” Ms Norris said: “I thought the ceremony was absolutely fantastic. It was great to see all the achievers get their awards.

“It was really inspirational to hear what they’ve been through and what they’ve gone on to do.

“I definitely had a few moments where I thought, 'that’s awesome and I’m really inspired’ and I wish them all the best.”