Audrey Woodeson, 82, was the passenger in her ex-husband’s Ford Mondeo when it was involved in a collision with another vehicle in Birch Hill Road last month.

Robert Down, 67, has been looking after Ms Woodeson at her home in, Liscombe, Birch Hill, since she suffered a second stroke about 18 months ago.

He added the accident had left the frail woman distraught and “in too much pain to talk”.

He said Ms Woodeson is unable to go out without his assistance – meaning he desperately needs a car - and the pair do not have enough money to keep paying for taxis.

Speaking to the News, he said he is waiting for his insurance company to deal with the issue but was “stuck” until it does so.

Mr Down, who lives in Warfield, said: “I’ve spent the last four days going through the insurance but it will take time to sort out.

“I just don’t know what we’re going to do without transport.

“I’ve got to rely on buses but I’ve got to stay with her because she can’t be left alone at the moment. I also do voluntary work in Henley on Tuesdays and we’re absolutely stuck.” Mr Down revealed Ms Woodeson was diagnosed with three cracked ribs at the urgent care centre in Brants Bridge, Bracknell, earlier this week after complaining of chest pain following the accident. He added he had only owned the Mondeo for four days after the electrics failed on his previous car, a Renault Laguna.

He said: “It would have been more expensive to try and fix it so we scrapped it.

“We lost two cars in three weeks.”