The fleet of caravans was evicted from the land next to the A329M last Thursday but the Jennett’s Park Consortium – which consists of developers Persimmon Homes and Redrow Homes – said it will try to prevent the situation happening again.

In a statement it said: “In response to concerns about travellers at Jennett’s Park, we would to like confirm that once we were aware of the situation, we instigated the necessary legal steps which have led to the travellers leaving the site. We are now reviewing site security to prevent similar occurrences in the future.” A small number of caravans moved onto the land off the A329M on Sunday, May 4, but they were joined by others during last week until they were evicted by police.

A group of travellers also set up camp at the site – next to the Peacock Farm pub – in June last year, though were quickly removed by police.

However, disgusted residents have hit out at the “huge mess” left behind after the group was evicted, taking to the internet to vent their anger.

Tom Edwards, writing on our website, said: “What really angers me is that everyone talks about “rights” – travellers moan they have nowhere to park up, yet they then occupy land like Jennett’s Park and then move off leaving a huge amount of waste and rubbish and destruction behind which doesn’t exactly help them win over local communities.” On our Facebook page, James Greathead said: “I drove past it on Friday morning and the field was covered in rubbish that they have left behind.” Mary Gilchrist added the mess that had been left behind was “disgusting”.

About eight caravans also set up camp at Birch Hill Recreation Ground the same weekend, but they were also evicted last Thursday.

Russell Reeve, town clerk of Bracknell Town Council, which owns the recreation ground, said the travellers were removed under instruction of bailiffs working for the council.

He added: “After the travellers left, town council staff were able to clear the site of two lots of fly-tipping as well as general waste by the end of the day [Thursday].

“This made sure the facilities were available to people for the weekend.”