The buildings in Crown Wood, Great Hollands, Birch Hill and Harmans Water could all be refurbished and redeveloped to allow people to buy post office items and send letters from the main retail areas of the shops.

The Post Office also hopes that following the proposed upgrades, longer opening hours will be available.

Suzette Rabout, from Post Office Ltd, said: “The modernisation of McColls Post Office branches is part of a major investment programme, the largest in the history of the Post Office and marks a commitment to no more branch closure programmes.

“At this stage, Crown Wood, Great Hollands and Birch Hill post offices are due to be modernised in time but we have no further information for the moment. Harmans Water is currently going through the process of a customer engagement – in order to guage feedback from the general public – which ends on May 15.

“Following feedback, once a decision is made we will inform customers, and issue a press release announcing any change.” She added there were no plans to permanently close any of the branches, although they could be shut for “a couple of days” while renovation is completed.

Mrs Rabout said the Government had committed a total of £2bn to maintaining the national network of Post Offices, including updating branches.

“Nationwide, the investment programme will see up to 8,000 branches modernised with additional investment in more than 3,000 community and outreach branches,” she added.

Wildridings post office was moved to a bigger site in Wildridings Square following a consultation last year.