THE eco-driving skills of staff at a Bracknell business have been put to the test.

Employees at 3M, based in Cain Road, got behind the wheel of driving simulators as part of Bracknell Forest Council’s ‘Travel Sense’ campaign.

They faced two challenges, with the first to get as far as possible on 0.1 litres of fuel.

They then took on several types of driving scenarios – including hill starts, acceleration and deceleration – with the help of experts on hand to give advice on techniques to drive more fuel-efficiently.

The employees took the test with their miles per gallon recorded on a Top Gear-style leader board. The challenge was organised by the council and environmental charity Global Action Plan.

Dan Tomlinson, from Bracknell Forest Council’s Travel Sense campaign, said: “The aim is to help people to learn how to make their driving more fuel-efficient and safer, through better anticipation and by making simple changes to their vehicle.

“We are taking the simulators around a number of businesses in Bracknell’s Southern and Western business areas as part of the council’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) programme. This provides for a combination of key infrastructure projects and complementary behaviour change programmes to encourage more walking, cycling, public transport and economical car use.” John Klee, 3M’s corporate communications manager, described the event last month as fascinating.

He said: “Eco-driving techniques can help to improve fuel consumption rates and reduce vehicle carbon emissions. It was a fascinating challenge with some great tips.”