BRACKNELL Foodbank is looking for a large new storage facility after it was given a month’s notice to empty its current space.

The charity – which provides free food to about 450 people a month – has been told to move food supplies kept at the warehouse.

It has until Tuesday, May 20, to vacate the space in the warehouse – which they use for free – after its owners had found someone willing to pay for the area the charity currently uses.

Geoff Hallett, who runs Bracknell Foodbank with his wife Pat, said: “We are shell-shocked by this news and it has all come very suddenly.

“It was a big surprise to us and it has been very important, helping us stock our food and supplies.

“Businesses are starting to pick up again, which is great, but I feel we should still be looking at helping those who are in crisis.

“There are still plenty of people who need our help and we seem to be getting busier so a storage facility like this really is need.” Despite being forced to moved the couple were quick to pay their thanks to the company that had lent them the space to use since last summer.

Mr Hallett declined to name the company or the site, other than the warehouse space is in Bracknell town centre.

He said: “We are grateful to the owners of the warehouses for the time and space they have given us to store our stock for the foodbank. Now we need to look for somewhere new to store everything so we would be grateful of any offers or suggestions given to us.” They are keen to look for a potential new base following the move to continue storing valuable supplies to carry on serving families in Bracknell and Ascot.

Mr Hallett added they do not have a lot of stock to transfer out of the current warehouse, but would need somewhere capable of storing a “few tonnes” and enough to last the foodbank four weeks.

Anyone who has suggestions for a new storage facility for Bracknell Foodbank should email