Firefighters were called out to rescue a girl who had become stuck in a swing for toddlers.

The girl, thought to be around 10 years old, had become ‘wedged’ in the swing designed for young children, at a park off Oarborough Road, Harmans Water.

The girl was out with her two older sisters when she became stuck, around 6.30pm last night.

Crew manager Scott Pay, from Bracknell, said: “We had to unscrew the swing so we could get her out, then we put the swing back together, I don’t think she had been in there long. We were only there for a few minutes.” The girl was reported to be unharmed, but it is not the first time she has become stuck.

Mr Pay said: “The same girl in fact became stuck about a year ago. We told her it was probably best to leave them for smaller children.”