A 16-inch water main burst this morning between Claverdon and Ringmead, leaving many roads impassable.

South East Water has reportedly 'isolated' the water main, by shutting off valves either side of the leak.

However some residents have been made late to work, while traffic has built up in Hanworth, Birch Hill and Great Hollands.

Aimee Hogg, of Earlswood in Birch Hill, said: "My next door neighbour left late because of it and has been stuck in traffic.

"I saw someone go to their car this morning, look at the road and decide to just walk straight back to their house.

"We're not flooded luckily but theres been no water most of the morning which could have been worse. It's pulled my block together as downstairs still has water and have been offering it out which is nice. Lovely to see people pull together." Ringmead, between Claverdon and Cottesmore, and Birch Hill Road are all closed due to the burst water main, but Hanworth Road has since reopened.

It is unclear how many homes are affected at this time, but it has allegedly had an impact on the cafe at Bracknell Football Club.

It is thought a number of homes are flooded, and South East Water confirmed it had people on the scene assessing the damage, and there should be no sewage contamination as they only deal with fresh water going into properties.

At this stage, it is unclear what caused the rupture, or how much water escaped.

Police are requesting people find an alternative route through this area.