TWO Bracknell women supported victims of the floods- gameshow style.

Joanne Darlington, 42, from Great Hollands, organised a ‘supermarket sweep’ with friend Sue Mansbridge, from Easthampstead.

Thanks to the generosity of Tesco in Warfield, they did a supermarket sweep with two trolleys, managing to get £500 worth of supplies last Thursday.

Mum-of-two Ms Darlington said: “I wanted to do something to help the people. My mum’s very close to being evacuated herself in Windsor.

“We used our heads to think of what people needed, we got nappies, baby wipes, powdered milk, tea, baby formula, bin bags, hand wash and bottled water.

"We even got colouring books and things, because some children just left the house with nothing.” The goods were handed out to people affected by flooding in Windsor and Datchet.