FOREIGN students at Bracknell and Wokingham College were given a history lesson on Scotland by its principal.

Campbell Christie spoke to English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) students about the country as it stands today and its history.

The guests were welcomed into the room by the sound of bagpipes and the principal in full traditional Scottish dress.

Saul Pope, tutor and head of ESOL at the college, had been discussing the current issue of the Scottish Independence debate with his students: He said: “They wanted to learn more about Scotland. “Campbell put a lot of effort into his presentation.

“It’s great that he has taken the time to do it and I know our students will appreciate learning from him.” The students were also surprised with a tasting of a traditional supper of haggis, neeps (turnips) and tatties (potatoes) during their talk.

Student Moses Parsons was captivated throughout the presentation.

He said: “It was amazing. I really enjoyed learning about some of Scotland’s important points in history.

“I also liked the haggis, I’ve not had anything like that before.” After last month’s presentation, Campbell Christie, said: “My job today was to give the students some of the history of Scotland – relevant to the issue of the independence debate – giving them further thoughts to appreciate the types of questions that the Scottish nation is going to have to decide upon.

“I didn’t want to make it too heavy for them so we had a bit of fun in there as well. ” Visit or call 0845 330 3343 for more about English for Speakers of Other Languages courses.