The piece, titled The Great British Drama, was unveiled at the Royal Academy of Arts in London on Tuesday.

The collage, created by academy member David Mach, is made up of more than 200 images collected over a number of decades from Royal Ascot week.

Mr Mach said: “Royal Ascot was a particular challenge – how to get the social and joyous essence of the British into one action still, a sport that combines us all.

“I love it. It is exuberant and celebratory. We dress beautifully at Ascot, we make an effort – it is probably what I like about it most of all. It’s Britain at its ‘can do’ best.” The picture contains previous winners of races throughout the week, including the Queen’s very own horse Estimate, which won the Gold Cup last year.

Other features include legendary trainers such as Sir Henry Cecil, and other familiar figures including TV presenter Clare Balding and the racecourse’s chef Tom Kerridge.