COMMUNITY spirit is strong in Bracknell after a Facebook campaign led to a stolen car being safely returned to its owner.

Claire Thomson, of Boyd Court in Priestwood, appealed to members of the ‘People Help The People’ Facebook group for help after her car was stolen.

On Tuesday night last week, Mrs Thomson and her family heard their car being driven off at 10.30pm.

After immediately reporting it to the police, she turned her attention to social media to appeal for any sightings.

Following the plea, a member of the group spotted it the following morning outside Holly Spring School in Bullbrook at about 8.30am.

Matthew Flynn parked in front of the car, which was empty at the time, just in case the offender returned.

As the car had been reported as stolen, it was seized by police for forensic tests before releasing it back to the owners.

Mrs Thomson said: “We heard it being driven off and within seconds I was on the phone to the police.

“It was not good. It is an old car but it is very sentimental to us.

“I am very happy to get it back, and it’s amazing what community spirit there is!” Mr Flynn was instantly praised by members of the Facebook group after his swift actions, but was quick to brush off the remarks.

He said: “I don’t think I really did much to be honest. I’m just glad they got their car back.” Police are still looking for the thief.