ASCOT families struggling to put food on the table have some good news this week, as it was revealed that the town will soon have its own foodbank.

The husband and wife team who run the Bracknell Foodbank, Pat and Geoff Hallett, noticed a huge leap in demand from families in need.

Ascot Foodbank will open on February 11 in the Ascot Life Church, New Road, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from noon-2pm, Mr and Mrs Hallett will be running the charity themselves, on the two weekdays they are not working at the Bracknell Foodbank.

Mrs Hallett said, “We had so many people travelling in from Ascot to Bracknell, so it’s good to be able to save them the trip.” When asked why she thought demand was going up, Mrs Hallett said: “These days, everything is increasing in price, fuel, energy and food.

“People everywhere are finding it hard to make ends meet. It is tough for people right across the board.” Mrs Hallett said they are training about 10 volunteers but they would like more people to come forward.

Royal Borough councillor for Ascot and Cheapside, David Hilton said he was unaware that Ascot would soon have its own foodbank but added: “I think that if there is a need, it is good we have one.” “Everyone thinks Ascot is very, very wealthy. This is true in parts, but its not the case everywhere. It will be interesting to see what the take-up will be.” “Is it an indicator of the state of the nation, or a sign that the more giving in our society are willing to help the deprived?” “I can’t say either way what it is, but it might be both.” Ascot Life Church Pastor Dave Rogers said the church was “very excited” to house a foodbank.

Pastor Rogers said, “We’ve been speaking to other churches in Ascot about setting up a foodbank and we heard people had been travelling to Bracknell to collect their food parcels so we had to do something.” “If we can do anything to make the process easier for people in Ascot, we will.” For details on donating food or becoming a volunteer in Ascot, call Bracknell Foodbank on 01344 862699