Part of Yorktown Road was closed for an hour while the firefighters were at the scene, causing traffic hold-ups in the area.

The boy had been on the top floor of the school bus when he injured his back.

Due to the nature of his possible injuries, paramedics were unwilling to move him via the stairs, so as not to cause anymore potential damage to his spine.

A fire engine from Crowthorne arrived at the scene at about 3:30pm but an aerial ladder platform (ALP) truck had to called to safely remove the boy from the bus.

The ALP truck arrived at about 3.45pm, and has an extendable ladder which allowed him to taken via the back window of the bus, ensuring his spine stayed as straight as possible.

Watch manager Dave Budge, from Bracknell fire station, who attended the incident, said: “When we got there the paramedics didn’t want to take him down the stairs because he would have not been level, so we brought the ALP.” The injured boy was taken by ambulance to Frimley Park Hospital.