A man in his early 20s escaped death after driving a tractor into an electricity pole.

At 11:30 am a man in his early 20s, driving a John Deere 8530 tractor pulling a plough, hit an electricity pole at Manor Farm, Shurlock row, near Binfield.

The collision knocked out the power to an industrial unit and nearby homes. The man, who was shaken but uninjured, was treated at the scene by paramedics.

Richie Sage, Crew Manager, said that it took two hours to make sure the area was safe, and the electricity company, Southern Electric, had to ensure the power was properly disengaged before proceeding.

The man, who was lucky not to have stepped out of the tractor, had to remain in the vehicle for two hours while the power was isolated.

He said: “Had it gone wrong then it could have put the farm worker in grave danger.” Mr Sage added that the tractor was in good shape, but the electricity pole was extremely damaged.