MOTORISTS have hit out at "the worst roundabout" in Bracknell following a collision, police fear the redeveloped Charles Square could become a haven for drunks, crime figures drop, two-page spread on Wildridings and Priestwood fun days and much, much more.

All in this week's Bracknell News, out today for just 60p. Inside: - Motorists have hit out at "the worst roundabout in Bracknell" following crash - Concerns over proposed new seating in Charles Square - Double-page spread on fun days from Priestwood and Wildridings - were you there?

- Crime levels are lowest in Berkshire - MPs speak on why they would not support Syria strikes - Author talks about Broadmoor documentary on one of its most notorious killers - Dee Day golf tournament raises money for Cancer Research - A record-breaking 11 pages of local sport - Sandhurst CC celebrate double title success in Berkshire Cricket League - FC Bracknell youth football tournament - Property, family announcements, motors, jobs and classifed - And much, much more!