ANGRY dog walkers are outraged that they no longer have free access to a Warfield woodland.

Gill Lancaster, of Gardeners Road, says a new fence in Warfield Park has created a physical 'barrier' dividing two communities and that residents are worried the land may be used for housing.

She said: "We're frustrated about it because we've had completely unrestricted use of the land for years.

"If anything we're a good security force because people that walk their dogs up there know everyone else!

"It's going straight down the middle of the community, it's stopping us meeting up."

She added: "We just don't know what their [Warfield Park Homes] intentions are."

But landowner Barry Sumner, of Warfield Park Homes, insists that the fence is to keep a smallhold of pigs safe.

"The pig pens have been wrecked about six times," he told the News. "People have also been pulling out all the fence posts and cutting out the wire. It's criminal damage."

Mr Sumner said the land behind the fence is just for the pigs - not more motor homes as residents fear - and said people living in Warfield Park will still have access to some of the woodland.

Bracknell Forest Council spokeswoman Alana Razzell said the council is keeping a close eye on the pigs - following complaints about noise and smell.

She added: "If people are concerned about any work going on that they think shouldn't be, then get in touch with us."