AN INSPIRING teenager who launched a bucket list to fulfil his dying wishes took a magical trip to the capital.

Charlie Crick suffers from a deteriorating heart and lung defect and when his condition began to worsen further late last year, he issued a heartfelt plea for help in the News.

In a little under three months, the 14-year-old has met singer Olly Murs, been a judge on the X Factor and even became an honorary member of the Harley Davidson Club, sporting a custom-made biker jacket.

And earlier this month he braved the snow and took a dream trip to London with his family, chauffeur driven in a plush limo to visit Hamleys and create his own fizzy drink and chocolate bar at Bubble Foods, in Clapham.

The trip came courtesy of Bracknell-based pharmaceutical firm Boehringer Ingelheim, after staff read about Charlie's story in the News.

Charlie's mum, Jo, said: "The whole day was a wonderful experience and one that we will all remember as a very happy one.

"The driver was fantastic, and drove through the snow to reach us and gave us a wonderful tour of all the sights, which where breathtaking in the snow. Charlie enjoyed Hamleys and the store was very quiet as the crowds had kept away. We had a lovely lunch and then on to Bubble Foods where he was given a chef's jacket and created chocolates and a fizzy drink." She added: "The whole experience was truly amazing and we would like to thank Esta Keywood at Boehringer, for all her help." As part of the trip on Friday, January 18, the youngster was also given �100 of Hamleys vouchers to spend as well as a surprise lunch at the restaurant Garfunkel's.

The Cricks - Jo, Charlie and his dad Ted - toured the city in the limo for more than seven hours, enjoying the wintry delights of London blanketed in white.

Esta, communications executive at Boehringer Ingelheim, said: "We were delighted to get involved and help make a difference to Charlie and his family.

"It's great that they all had such an enjoyable day out in London and they can look back on it with fond memories." -Next on Charlie's list is to make his own ice cream and meet JLS - and the News team is working hard to make sure these wishes are granted.

Can you help tick something off Charlie's wish list? Email