THE cold, wet autumn nights are beginning to roll in but so is the feel good factor of reality television to keep us all warm.

The genre has its fair share of critics and rightly so. Some television executives are more than happy to peddle talentless, attention-seekers rather than put effort into creating valued entertainment.

We have everything from loud-mouths struggling to boil an egg for guests they have never met, and who producers make sure they will not get on with, to drunk teenagers stumbling through Spanish holiday resorts while their parents watch from the back of a van.

But there are three shows that stand out, X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing On Ice - because they are based on hard-work, creativity and talent.

Of course, the early rounds of the X Factor can fairly be described as tedious and tacky, but as the real singers are separated from the tuneless show offs, we are left with an exciting competition.

Winkfield's Josh Cuthbert joins the final 12 in the live shows tomorrow (Saturday) with boyband Union J, having gone from bitter disappointment to jubilation.

He has been dreaming of stardom since he first appeared in his primary school play at the age of 10 and we, as an audience, can help him get there.

Easthampstead's Dani Harmer is also someone to be proud off. She has made it into her chosen profession as an actress but is still willing to put her body through a gruelling training schedule in a bid to master an art she has never tried before.

And while the winners and losers on other reality programmes may show bitterness or smugness, those on X Factor and Strictly display the true passion of people who have set themselves a goal and do all they can to achieve it.