A HEADTEACHER has defended the use of CCTV cameras.

A report released yesterday (Wednesday) by Big Brother Watch said the use of cameras could be an invasion of students privacy. According to the report, Easthampstead Park Community School (EP) has one CCTV camera per every 12 pupils, the 28th most in the UK. It also has two cameras in the toilets.

But head Gordon Cunningham said the cameras were purely to keep students safe, and that pupils were happy with them.

He said: "Basically we use the cctv on external areas to make people aware it's there. It's quite an exposed site, particularly at the front, and a big site, so we want to cover all areas.

"We have them in the corridors so if something did happen the students know they're there.

"We have two in the toilets which were designed by my deputy and the students together which point at the door. They wanted to make sure the place was safe.

"Again, this is so if something happened we would know what it was, but obviously they don't point at the wash basins or urinals. If there's any damage we'll see it.

"We don't have a screen that someone's watching the whole time. It's very much a backup so if something happens we know when it did."