A DISABLED man has called for better access for residents while roadworks are taking place, after his carer had trouble parking near his home.

Tony Jennings, of Holbeck, Great Hollands, said his carer was turned away by workmen in Great Hollands Road on Tuesday and told to park elsewhere.

The 66-year-old - who is paralysed from the waist down and uses a wheelchair - said his carer usually needs to park close to the house when she has heavy equipment with her. She parked in neighbouring Highfield.

Mr Jennings, who lives with his wife Marion, 64, told the News: "We all had letters in Great Hollands saying there are these roadworks going on and residents would not be affected by it and access would still be provided."

He added: "The carers need access to get to me. It gives my wife three hours respite, they help me just do anything I need. It is important."

Great Hollands Road was closed on Wednesday and most of Thursday for resurfacing.

Anthony Radford Foley, Bracknell Forest Council's head of highways asset management, said there were notices advising drivers of the closure times and added: "The contractors were doing some preparatory work on Tuesday, which was also included in the advance closure notice, when Mr Jennings's carer had some difficulty getting her car through to his home.

"We have spoken to Mr Jennings and have apologised to him for the inconvenience."