A FREE event will be held at Crowthorne's Transport Research Laboratory to help young people with disabilities to drive.

The Get Going Live! day is part of a nationwide series organised by Wokingham-based charity Mobility Choice to provide information on choosing a car, adaptations, finance, driving tips, safety and practical information such as the best way to stow a wheelchair in the boot. The day will run from 10am-5pm on Saturday, August 11, at the TRL centre off Nine Mile Ride.

Jacqui Jones, executive director of Mobility Choice, said: "These events are proving to be really popular with young novice drivers.

"They offer a rare hands-on chance to try adapted driving before they can apply for their provisional licence at age 16 - a year earlier than non-disabled teenagers. Driving their own vehicle gives them independence and freedom as they move towards further education, employment and of course social life too." Young drivers with disabilities will answer questions on the learning process as part of informal 'Ask The Driver' sessions. One of them will be Jack Pegram, 20, from Watford, a full-time wheelchair user who recently carried the Olympic Torch, and has been driving for three years.

Visitors will also be able to test drive a range of adapted cars from different manufacturers and some drive-from-wheelchair models.

In addition, there will be an Autoadapt driver test station to assess how quickly drivers can apply force and react, which helps to determine the adaptations they need to drive safely and comfortably.

Anyone aged from age 14 with a mobility problem can do a test drive and under 14s can practise using the controls and can travel as a passenger with an instructor.

The day will also include a fully accessible 7m climbing wall with over 20 routes to the top, plus all-ability cycling, so there will be plenty for all the family to do.

To attend the driving session, register at www.getgoingnow.org or call 01508 489449.