A SHOCKED couple had a close brush with a late-night visitor to their bedroom.

Kate Commerford and partner Adrian Wybrott, 38, were enjoying a summer's evening with friends in the garden at their Binfield home into the early hours of Sunday morning.

But when the couple decided to call it a night at 2am - they discovered a fox had crept into their house and was chewing its way through a handbag on their bed.

Ms Commerford said: "It was lying on the bed like a dog.

"It ran into the spare room and hid under the bed there - it took us 10 minutes to get it out.

"It was really brazen and it was a big fox - four feet long.

"It was really shocking, really quite scary."

A neighbour had visited the couple earlier that same evening - and had left the front door open by accident, letting the fox into the house.

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