A SCHOOL has shown its appreciation to firefighters tackling the forest blazes by giving cakes to the crews.

The Friends of Crowthorne Primary School handed over a large box of goodies at Crowthorne Fire Station in the High Street to say thank you for the firefighters' brave work since the wildfires took hold on Monday.

Lisa Paine, co-chairwoman of the Friends, said: "We wanted to thank them for all the hard work that they are doing in the community." The cakes and biscuits were donated by parents for the Royal Wedding party at the school in Duke's Ride but were not all needed so the Friends thought giving them to the firefighters would be the best option.

Adrian Oliver, crew manager at Crowthorne, said: "It's very nice to get some reaction and know that there's a lot of support for the firefighters out there." In addition to the gift from school, which was closed on Tuesday because of the fires, the station has been given cards and a chocolate cake from well-wishers in the community.

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