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4 Apr 2015 17:30

Band joins largest youth music festival

A COMMUNITY band in Sandhurst joined 40,000 other musicians when it took part in the world’s largest youth music festival.

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3 Apr 2015 17:30 • Rhodri Andrews

Crowthorne teacher dances her way into opening new interiors shop

A FORMER dance teacher has tapped into her retail potential by opening a new boutique interiors shop in Crowthorne.

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18 Mar 2015 09:30

Parents back 'safer' zebra crossing outside a Crowthorne school

PARENTS have praised the decision to build a zebra crossing near to a primary school in Crowthorne, saying it will provide a safer route for its pupils.

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6 Feb 2015 16:00

Man exposes himself to primary school girl

A MAN exposed himself to a girl of primary school age in Sandhurst yesterday (Thursday).


6 Feb 2015 14:30

Children's charity aiming to make it big in the USA

A Crowthorne children’s charity is set to sweep across the United States after years of hard work.


5 Feb 2015 17:30

Sandhurst school says thank you to governor

A SANDHURST woman has been recognised for her outstanding contribution to her childrens’ school over the past two years.

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2 Feb 2015 15:00

Car and cash stolen from Crowthorne home

BURGLARS refused to stop for police after stealing cash and a car from a Crowthorne home.


22 Jan 2015 15:39 • Louise Hill

VIDEO: Police release CCTV footage of Red Bull trophy snatchers

POLICE have released CCTV footage of thieves who stole trophies from Red Bull's Milton Keynes factory in a renewed witness appeal.


14 Jan 2015 15:26

Police on the hunt for a pair of Sandhurst men after they escape arrest

TWO Sandhurst men who escaped arrest after an officer was assaulted are wanted by police.


14 Jan 2015 09:30

Rapper pays tribute to his dad

A CROWTHORNE rapper whose dad died from cancer has penned a song in memory of him.

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28 Dec 2014 12:30

Mascot Kieran joins in Edgbarrow walk

BUILDERS involved in the redevelopment of Broadmoor Hospital lent a helping hand to Crowthorne students during a sponsored walk through the hospital site.

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27 Dec 2014 13:00 • Louise Hill

Stolen race team trophies found in Sandhurst lake

TROPHIES stolen during a 'senseless’ burglary at the Red Bull Racing factory two weeks ago have been found dumped in a lake near Sandhurst.

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26 Dec 2014 09:30

Crowthorne singer in Open Mic UK final

A TEEN singing sensation from Crowthorne has secured a place in the grand final of a national contest.


16 Dec 2014 16:25

Stolen Red Bull Racing trophies found in a Sandhurst lake

Trophies stolen during a 'senseless' burglary at the Red Bull Racing factory two weeks ago have been found dumped in a lake near Sandhurst.

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8 Dec 2014 17:00

Sandhurst school takes on vibrant new look

A SANDHURST school has opened a new green space after pupils entered a competition to help design it.

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20 Nov 2014 17:30

Controversial Britain First party conference due to be held in Sandhurst cancelled

THE MEETING of a controversial political party due to be held in Sandhurst was cancelled due to fears it could cause unrest in the community.

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18 Nov 2014 09:30

Sandhurst mum campaigns over infection risks

A Sandhurst mum is calling for more to be done to warn parents about a dangerous infection after her newborn daughter came close to death earlier this year.

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8 Nov 2014 15:15

Victim left 'traumatised' after being assaulted by a Sandhurst soldier

A SOLDIER who sexually assaulted a 21-year-old woman and banged her head on the ground was sentenced to more than five years' in prison on Friday (Nov 7).


29 Oct 2014 13:30

Sandhurst burglary left two men in hospital

THREE men have been arrested after a burglary in Sandhurst left two men in hospital.


24 Oct 2014 09:30

Broadmoor Hospital staff go on strike over pay dispute

STAFF from Broadmoor Hospital in Crowthorne have gone on strike this morning (Friday) in a dispute with the government over pay.

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