15 Dec 2014 09:30

The Reluctant Runner

SO I have been told you learn a lot about yourself when in training for something big like the London Marathon.


13 Aug 2014 09:30

Adam Afriyie column: We're taking a stand against domestic violence

ATTACKING or abusing a partner is a dreadful thing to do. There are unfortunately cases when this is deliberate, ongoing and hidden behind the closed doors of a relationship.

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6 Aug 2014 09:30

Dr Phillip Lee column: Let's 'boldly go' ahead with expanding our space industry

AS VICE-CHAIRMAN of the Parliamentary Space Committee, I have an inherent interest in this burgeoning industry. In my maiden speech in Parliament I spoke about the strategic, technological and industrial benefits of investing in this prospering industry.

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30 Jul 2014 09:30

Colin Antink column: Sit down and think up a bestseller

THEY say there is a book inside of everybody, and I find that to be so true. Just listen for a while to people remembering their childhood years working on the old farms when there was no running hot water, and the ice used to form on the insides of their windows.

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16 Jul 2014 09:30

Adam Afriyie MP column: Growth Deal will bring much-needed investment

I WANT our local businesses to grow so that we have ever more jobs and rising incomes and living standards in the area. For local businesses to grow and for competition to thrive, it’s really important that investment continues in the local infrastructure that our businesses rely on.

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9 Jul 2014 09:30

Dr Phillip Lee MP column: Crowthorne Carnival is a fantastic institution

ON SATURDAY, I was really pleased to join in with the celebrations in Crowthorne for this summer’s carnival. A true local institution, the biennial carnival occupies a week in the summer schedule, when residents of Crowthorne and further afield can enjoy the exciting and diverse events available.

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2 Jul 2014 09:30

Colin Antink column: Best ideas come at night-time

ISN’T it strange how all the best ideas come to you in the dead of night? Or when you don’t have a pen and paper handy?

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11 Jun 2014 09:30

Dr Phillip Lee column: State Opening of Parliament is a fine tradition

ON WEDNESDAY, June 4, Parliament gathered for the annual rite of the State Opening; the main ceremonial event of the parliamentary calendar. This marks the passing of the previous session and the inauguration of the new one.

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24 Apr 2014 09:30

Adam Afriyie MP column: Neighbourhood plan is good news

INSENSITIVE over-development of our area is one of my key concerns for Ascot, Sunninghill, Sunningdale and across the constituency.

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17 Apr 2014 09:30

Dr Phillip Lee MP column: Urgent Care Centre will benefit patients

AFTER months of campaigning, I am delighted that the Urgent Care Centre at Brants Bridge in Bracknell has opened its doors to its full range of services. Open 365 days a year, 12 hours a day, the new HealthSpace offers state-of-the-art medical facilities in an easily accessible location.

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10 Apr 2014 09:30

Colin Antink column: New surgery is bit of a minefield

AS A lot of my readers will know my aim in this column is to fight the corner of the disabled. So here’s a bit about our new ‘Wokingham Medical Centre’, or doctors’ surgery to you and me. All very bright and modern, with a lot of expensive technology.

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27 Mar 2014 09:30

Adam Afriyie MP column: We can secure a better future

HERE in Ascot, we are fortunate to have been somewhat sheltered from the economic struggles facing other parts of the country. Business is stronger than ever, and this is a tribute to entrepreneurs who have persevered through very difficult years. We are seeing a private sector- led economy, especially locally, with a record number of people in work as businesses invest, grow and take on new people. At the Budget, the Chancellor updated the Charter for Budget

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20 Mar 2014 09:30

Dr Phillip Lee MP column: Investment will boost Bracknell area

INVESTMENT is vital to the economic sustainability of any area and the Thames Valley, successful as it is, is no different. Home to a number of different towns that play an important role in the region’s success, connectivity between these areas is crucial.

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13 Mar 2014 09:30

Colin Antink column: Long road to recovery after operation

I’VE just come out of hospital after a spinal decompression operation so am finding life in general very frustrating. Who could have imagined how much time and effort it takes to simply pull on a pair of boxers? Too long, trust me.

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20 Feb 2014 09:30

Dr Phillip Lee MP column: Children must be protected from smoke

THERE has been much media attention and speculation surrounding the recent vote in Parliament over smoking in cars carrying children. I would like to take this opportunity to explain why I voted in favour of this piece of legislation.

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11 Feb 2014 09:30

Adam Afriyie column: Council tax cut is good news

IT STRIKES me that whenever I’m chatting to residents it’s not long before the conversation turns to energy bills and the general pressures on household budgets.

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23 Oct 2013 09:30

John Redwood MP's column: 'We need cheaper energy'

ENERGY prices are too dear already and are now going up too quickly. They have been at the centre of the Westminster debate this month.

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26 Sep 2013 09:30

John Redwood MP's column: 'I keep control of my expenses'

WE HAVE recently been told that MPs expenses for the year 2013-13 were higher than in 2009, the last year under the old system. The national media made much of the fact that expenses had hit a new high.

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20 Sep 2013 09:30

Adam Afriyie column: 'Festival will be a real treat'

IT'S that time of year again, when the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead begins to bloom with arts, culture and an atmosphere of excitement as the Windsor Festival kicks off in style.

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13 Sep 2013 09:30

Phillip Lee column: 'Council should drop fight against hospital changes'

HAVING failed to secure a judicial review on the former primary care trust’s decision to close some services at Heatherwood and Wexham Park, the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead has now demanded the Secretary of State for Health set up an Independent Reconfiguration Panel (IRP).

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