28 Mar 2015 09:00

Head-on collision in Warren House Road sees driver cut from car

A HEAD-ON collision involving two cars left one driver seriously injured yesterday.


23 Mar 2015 09:30

The Happy Horticulturist with Bernadette Varilone

Live life like you’ll die tomorrow, plant a garden like you’ll live forever – I can’t remember who quoted that to me once but it has stuck with me. In reality we just don’t do this, however.


15 Mar 2015 09:30

Review: They Came From Mars - Shinfield Players Theatre

THE Farndale Avenue Townswomen’s Guild drama group are renowned for their lack of stage prowess and their production of this sci-fi drama resulted in the predictable mayhem we have come to expect from these ladies of somewhat limited talent! Props went astray, lines were forgotten or muddled and we witnessed a series of wardrobe malfunctions, the absurdity of which all added to the hilarity of the evening.


12 Mar 2015 12:31

Schoolgirl in 'serious condition' after being hit by car pulling horse trailer in Winnersh

A SCHOOLGIRL is in a "serious condition" after being hit by a car pulling a horse trailer in Winnersh this morning.


10 Mar 2015 09:30

First night review: The History Boys

PASS the parcel. These are some of the final words said in The History Boys by focal character Hector – an inspiring and off-curricula English teacher nurturing a group of eight boys through to their university entry exams.


9 Mar 2015 09:30

The Reluctant Runner: Cake

It is quite amusing, well to me anyway, that this month’s column on my London Marathon training sits right next to a piece about sugar dependency.


6 Mar 2015 09:30

King King tease with soulful gig

MULTI-AWARD winning four piece blues-rock band King King captivated their fans with an intimate performance at Bowery District on Sunday.


4 Mar 2015 09:30

First night review: Sleeping Beauty by Vienna Festival Ballet

HIGH up in the balcony she rests her chin on her hands. The lights go down and her eyes open wide.


27 Feb 2015 09:30

Oye Yes Santana: Review by Mike Swift

A SOLD out Norden Farm in Maidenhead played host to the ‘incredible’ Carlos Santana tribute band Oye Santana on Saturday night.


20 Feb 2015 09:30

The Happy Horticulturist with Bernadette Varilone

I KNOW I may be slightly biased in my opinion here but Garden design must be the most creative forms of design there is. Why do I have the audacity to say this?


10 Feb 2015 09:30

A stadium, a prince and a marathon

WHEN I set out on the road to running a marathon I never expected it to take me to the hallowed turf of sacred Twickenham – twice – or shaking the hands of a prince in the England rugby team’s changing rooms, writes Rebecca Curley in this month's Reluctant Runner column.


1 Feb 2015 08:47

Firefighters and paramedics attend Wokingham road traffic collision

FIREFIGHTERS were called out last night to reports of a road traffic collision involving two cars in Wokingham.


26 Jan 2015 09:30

The Happy Horticulturist with Bernadette Varilone

Designing your ideal garden. First measure your plot.


19 Jan 2015 09:30

Mum's the word with Alex Brocklesby

After almost four months of practice, I have almost mastered the art of breastfeeding in public (except when caught off-guard wearing silly dresses). And what an art it is.


15 Jan 2015 09:30

The Reluctant Runner on Park Run

NEW year, new you....and all that jazz. Don’t you just hate it when people spin the positive on everything during January by saying this four words? Well for me yes, this is a new year, but it’s not so much a new me rather than a more organised (and hopefully fitter and thinner) me.


10 Jan 2015 09:30

The Happy Horticulturist

I hope you’re all set for Christmas and the presents are wrapped. Hopefully you can now sit back and relax.


15 Dec 2014 09:30

The Reluctant Runner

SO I have been told you learn a lot about yourself when in training for something big like the London Marathon.


13 Aug 2014 09:30

Adam Afriyie column: We're taking a stand against domestic violence

ATTACKING or abusing a partner is a dreadful thing to do. There are unfortunately cases when this is deliberate, ongoing and hidden behind the closed doors of a relationship.

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6 Aug 2014 09:30

Dr Phillip Lee column: Let's 'boldly go' ahead with expanding our space industry

AS VICE-CHAIRMAN of the Parliamentary Space Committee, I have an inherent interest in this burgeoning industry. In my maiden speech in Parliament I spoke about the strategic, technological and industrial benefits of investing in this prospering industry.

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30 Jul 2014 09:30

Colin Antink column: Sit down and think up a bestseller

THEY say there is a book inside of everybody, and I find that to be so true. Just listen for a while to people remembering their childhood years working on the old farms when there was no running hot water, and the ice used to form on the insides of their windows.

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