20 Feb 2014 09:30

Dr Phillip Lee MP column: Children must be protected from smoke

THERE has been much media attention and speculation surrounding the recent vote in Parliament over smoking in cars carrying children. I would like to take this opportunity to explain why I voted in favour of this piece of legislation.

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11 Feb 2014 09:30

Adam Afriyie column: Council tax cut is good news

IT STRIKES me that whenever I’m chatting to residents it’s not long before the conversation turns to energy bills and the general pressures on household budgets.

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23 Oct 2013 09:30

John Redwood MP's column: 'We need cheaper energy'

ENERGY prices are too dear already and are now going up too quickly. They have been at the centre of the Westminster debate this month.

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26 Sep 2013 09:30

John Redwood MP's column: 'I keep control of my expenses'

WE HAVE recently been told that MPs expenses for the year 2013-13 were higher than in 2009, the last year under the old system. The national media made much of the fact that expenses had hit a new high.

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20 Sep 2013 09:30

Adam Afriyie column: 'Festival will be a real treat'

IT'S that time of year again, when the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead begins to bloom with arts, culture and an atmosphere of excitement as the Windsor Festival kicks off in style.

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13 Sep 2013 09:30

Phillip Lee column: 'Council should drop fight against hospital changes'

HAVING failed to secure a judicial review on the former primary care trust’s decision to close some services at Heatherwood and Wexham Park, the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead has now demanded the Secretary of State for Health set up an Independent Reconfiguration Panel (IRP).

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5 Sep 2013 09:30

Colin Antink column: 'It was nice to be beside the seaside - mostly'

WELL, I have just returned from a week in Costa del Weymouth. At the risk of sounding like a postcard, ‘Weather great, swimming in sea, relaxing on beach’.

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29 Aug 2013 09:30

John Redwood MP's column: 'Let's not rush to war in Syria'

AS I write this I have just learnt that Parliament has been recalled. We are asked by the government to meet on Thursday [August 29] to debate the situation in Syria, and if necessary to vote on government proposals.

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30 Jul 2013 09:30

Maurice O'Brien column: 'It's pay now, more pay later for those at the top'

HAVE you noticed how many of them carry those big satchels? Ministers, Civil Service hierarchy, bankers, accountants and the BBC elite, particularly the BBC elite, arriving for work, getting fired or wriggling in front of some tribunal.

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26 Jul 2013 09:30

Adam Afriyie MP's column: 'Heathrow expansion is foolhardy'

FOR residents in Ascot, Heathrow proves its worth as a noisy, but welcome neighbour. Aviation plays a huge role in delivering long-term economic growth and importantly provides the international connectivity this country needs to thrive in the highly competitive global economy.

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18 Jul 2013 09:30

Dr Phillip Lee MP's column: 'Foreign patients must pay their way'

I HAD the chance to question the Prime Minister on health tourism at Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday, July 3. I received many letters from concerned constituents and therefore felt it was important to raise this issue with the Prime Minister.

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11 Jul 2013 09:30

Colin Antink column: 'I'm so happy to have moved into new flat'

WELL, I have now moved into a smashing little flat which is much closer to my nearest and dearest and much safer for me. It pains me to have to admit it but my general physical health/ disabilities have recently become much worse and it was becoming increasingly hard to look after myself.

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8 Jul 2013 09:30

Adam Afriyie column: "Syria is not our war"

WHEN I walk through Windsor and Ascot, I am always reminded of how proud I am to represent a garrison constituency, and it strikes me that we should do everything we can to protect our soldiers from harm by deploying them only when necessary.

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24 Jun 2013 09:30

Maurice O'Brien: 'And finally, Labour betrays us over pensions'

WHY does the Labour Party harbour such animosity towards anyone with a pension? Is it some old class warfare equation which maintains that if one saves carefully all his life and another fritters everything away they must finish up with exactly the same?

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20 Jun 2013 09:30

Phillip Lee column: 'Hospitals need radical shake-up'

THE provision of healthcare is changing. Unfortunately, some people (including politicians, both local and national) remain resistant to this inevitable change. Interestingly, the reconfiguration of health services has been a big topic in the national media over the past few weeks.

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30 May 2013 09:30

Maurice O'Brien: And next on the BBC, another unforgivable waste

AT RISK of seeing the likes of Andy Burnham turn into a melting blob of indignation, just imagine the 17.9million households in Britain were asked to contribute £145.50 each year towards the NHS.

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23 May 2013 09:30

MP's column: Phillip Lee on the EU debate

As the Member of Parliament for Bracknell, I am elected with a mandate to represent the residents of my constituency in Westminster. It is therefore necessary that our membership and participation with the European Union (EU) be placed under the scrutiny of the general public in a referendum.

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10 May 2013 09:30

Colin Anink column: 'It's an obstacle course for scooters'

WHY, oh why do cars feel they have the right to park across drop-down kerbs just because it is more convenient for them?

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18 Apr 2013 09:30

MP's column: Phillip Lee shows support for rescued birds

CHARITABLE organisations play such an important part in our communities for families, children and animals and we can learn a lot from the principles behind local charities. I want to pay particular attention to the fantastic work being carried out at a Crowthorne-based bird sanctuary that I have recently agreed to become a patron of.

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21 Mar 2013 09:30

Colin Antink: 'Get in the real world!'

I AM going to make a stunning confession. I don't do Facebook. Yes, you read that right, I really don't. 'But Everybody does Facebook!!' I hear you scream.

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