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14 Jul 2014 12:11 • Gary Farmer

Ascots ‘Summer of Champions’ increases sports betting activities

Bracknell has a long and rich association with horse racing, and with Ascots Summer of Champions and the King George Racing weekend drawing in the crowds at Berkshire, it’s not surprising that there seems to have been an increase in sports betting activities in and around the region.


17 Jun 2014 11:48 • Gary Farmer

Mid-East study could be a dream ticket gap year

In an exotic foreign country with a culture that’s both cosmopolitan and international - and also deeply ancient and traditional - there’s definitely a world of opportunity waiting to be explored.


24 Mar 2014 17:07 • Gary Farmer

Emerging Trends in Project Management

Project management is an industry that is constantly shifting and changing, with new technology and fresh trends changing the way in which we manage projects and attempt to steer them towards ultimate success. Sadly there’s no such thing as a PM crystal ball, making it impossible to predict what these changes will be and how exactly they might alter the way in which project teams work on a day-to-day basis.


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